Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike Piazza - 2005 Topps Finest

2005FinestThere was a point and time where I wasn't buying a lot of cards by the pack or box.  I was tired of overpaying for packs that promised "hits" and getting nothing.  I added to my collection almost exclusively through eBay.  I'd purchase lots and singles of the players that I collected.  I had no chance of getting a big "hit," but I also had zero possibility of getting a stack of crap that I wanted to toss right into the trash.

One of the things that caught my eye was 2005 Topps Finest.  I liked the design and the different colored variations were sharp.  I picked up 4 different refractors in separate auctions.  The one on the top left is the regular refractor and is numbered to 399.  The blue is the next rarest and is numbered to 299.  Green comes next and is numbered to 199 while the black is the rarest of this bunch at 99.

While I do have a rainbow of Piazza refractors, I never added the base card to my collection which seems a little strange.  That's the risk you run when picking up cards in large lots.  None of the lots that I obtained had the 2005 Finest base card in it.  The next time that I had off to a card show that has a bargain box with Piazzas in it, I'll have to make sure that I grab this card.

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