Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Big Baby who can write (and play basketball)

BigBabySweetShot One of the best things about watching the Celtics win the 2007-08 NBA Championship was the emergence of Glen "Big Baby" Davis as an important contributor to the team.

When the season started, weight and conditioning issues had many concerned about whether or not Davis would be able to compete in the NBA during his rookie season.

Big Baby didn't get too much playing time early in the season because the team already had Brian Scalabrine and had also brought in Scott Pollard for some veteran leadership.  While Pollard was entertaining all season, he was injured more than he was healthy.  That led to the emergence of Leon Powe who was now another player in front of Davis on the depth chart.

Injuries throughout the course of the season to Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Garnett, Scott Pollard and Brian Scalabrine led to more playing time for Davis and he made the most of his opportunity.  He brought a high level of energy into the game off of the bench.  He fought hard for rebounds and had a natural scoring touch.

Once Davis started making a name for himself out on the parquet, he started getting interviewed and people got to see his playful, goofy side.  He had the kind of personality that paired with his tough playing style quickly made him a fan favorite.  His rookie season culminated with an NBA Championship that he was a key factor in winning and then a shirtless ride through Boston on the back of a Duckboat.

Big Baby quickly became a favorite of mine and I picked up this autographed rookie card on eBay for my collection.  The part that is signed has the look and feel of an NBA Basketball and the card is a nice looking one.  The future looks bright for Big Baby and here's hoping that he'll be as entertaining to watch next season.


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