Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Topps Chrome and Allen & Ginter

I made a trip to Target upon hearing about the new Office stuff that was showing up in the dollar section.  I figured that while I was there I would check out the sports card section and maybe I'd be lucky enough to stumble across an Allen & Ginter blaster box.  Luck wasn't with me, but I decided to grab one of the new Topps Chrome blaster boxes and 3 packs of A&G retail knowing full well that I had no shot at any memorabilia cards.

I'll start with the Allen & Ginter packs:

A&G Pack 1

Mark Teixeira

Ivan Rodriguez

Dan O'Brien (SP)

Eiffel Tower mini (Bazooka back 14/25 - 1:214 packs)

Roy Halladay

Chris Burke

Not a bad pack.  It's kind of a bummer that my Bazooka back ended up on the back of a monument and not a superstar, but it's still a nice pull.

Grade: A


A&G Pack 2

Lou Pinella

Caesar Augustus mini

Nick Markakis Perez Sketch Card

Tower Bridge

Elijah Dukes RC

Eleanor Roosevelt

Chris Capuano

This pack wasn't as good.  The Dukes RC is alright.

Grade: C-


A&G Pack 3

Ted Lilly

Roger Clemens SP

Road to 500 - 252 (1:24)

Russian Federation Flag mini (1:12)

Checklist two

Luis Castillo

Roy Oswalt

This pack had a couple of hits.  The weirdest thing is that the flag mini might end up being the best of them.

Grade: B


Chrome Pack 1:

Jon Garland

Zach McClellan RC

Brian McCann (Blue Border Refractor - 1:6)

Juan Lara RC

Not a bad pack.  Two rookies and a blue refractor.

Grade: C+


Chrome Pack 2:

Dice-K RC

Kei Igawa RC

Johan Santana Refractor

Josh Fields (RC)

This is an excellent pack.  Even though he's having a rough second half, I was hoping to pull the Dice-K card.  Santana is a nice pull for the refractor.

Grade: A+


Chrome Pack 3

Garret Anderson

David Ortiz

Jack Wilson (X-Factor Refractor - 1:3)

Brian Roberts

I'm a big Ortiz fan so pulling him is a plus.

Grade: B-


Chrome Pack 4:

Pat Burrell

Khalil Greene

Chien-Ming Wang Refractor

Jeremy Hermida

A mediocre pack made worse by the fact that the best card is that of a Yankee.

Grade: D


Chrome Pack 5:

Cole Hamels

Adrian Gonzalez

Carlos Delgado Refractor

Jonny Gomes


Grade: C-


Chrome Pack 6:

Aramis Ramirez

Jose Contreras

Vernon Wells X-Fractor

Chris Capuano

This would be a very good day if I were a Capuano fan as I pulled his card in both sets.
Grade: B+


Chrome Pack 7:

Freddy Garcia

Kelvim Escobar

Hideki Matsui Blue Refractor

Brian Bannister

Matsui's not a bad pull for the refractor even if he is a Yankee.  :)

Grade: B-

Chrome Pack 8:

Hank Blalock

Albert Pujols Refractor

Mickey Mantle Home Run History #350 (1:24)

Jimmy Rollins

Not a bad way to finish up.  It's too bad that the A-Rod and Mantle cards aren't worth much at all because many collectors are sick of them and just want to dump them all and I don't know if there's much interest in them.

Grade: B

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