Monday, September 3, 2007

Let's give it a shot

Even though I haven't been doing a lot of active sports card collecting lately, I have been keeping up on the hobby through various blogs and websites.  One thing that I've been enjoying on various sites is box breaking entries.  I don't have the cash at the moment to break open a pack a day or a high-end product box every week, but I will write about what I do open as sporadically as I purchase it.  I also want to include other things in this blog such as stuff that I've sold on eBay and additions to my collection.  So, here we go with the first post on some retail wax that I purchased at Target.




2007 Topps Chrome Baseball

Ivan Rodriguez










Scott Rolen

David DeJesus Refractor

Aaron Harang


2007 Topps Baseball Target Value Pack

Mike Rabelo (RC)

Carl Pavano

Ronny Paulino

Ted Lilly

Steve Trachsel

The Streak -JD11

.406 - TW21

Josh Phelps

Gerald Laird

Alex Gonzalez

Nelson Cruz

Alex Escobar


2007 Topps Baseball Target Blaster Box

Ted Williams pack

.406 - TW19

.406 - TW25

.406 - TW27

.406 - TW30

.406 - TW34

.406 - TW35


Interesting hits
- (There's too many cards not even worth mentioning to do them all.)

Trading Places - Wes Helms

Opening Day - Angels vs. Rangers

Hit Parade - Frank Thomas

The Streak - JD7

Generation Now - Hanley Ramirez

Roger Clemens

Mickey Mantle - MHR346

Hanley Ramirez

Generation Now - Nick Swisher

Terry Francona

Trading Places - Shea Hillenbrand

Hit Parade - Ken Griffey Jr.

Generation Now - Ryan Zimmerman

Distinguished Service - Joe DiMaggio

The Streak - JD39

Opening Day - Pirates vs. Astros

Mickey Mantle - MHR348

Devern Hansack (RC)

Josh Beckett

Mickey Mantle - MMS18

A-Rod - ARHR213

Generation Now - Hanley Ramirez

Coco Crisp

David Ortiz

Barry Bonds

Ken Griffey Jr.

Generation Now - Nick Swisher

Trading Places - Gary Sheffield

Hit Parade - Barry Bonds


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